Python – 一个Python的备份脚本


  • python的注释必须与代码相隔两个空格
  • #与注释语言间必须有一个空格
# FileName:
import os
import time
# 1. The files and directories be backed up are specified in a list.
source = ['/home/svitter/bin', '/home/svitter/tmp']
# 2. The backup must be stored in a main backup directories.
target_dir = '/home/svitter/backup/'
# 3. The files are backed up into a zipfile
# 4. The name of the zip archieve is the current date and time
target = target_dir + time.strftime('%Y_%m_%d_%H_%M_%S') + '.zip'
# 5. we use the zip command to put the files in a zip archive
zip_command = "zip -qr '%s' %s" % (target, ' '.join(source))
# Run the backup
if os.system(zip_command) == :
    print 'Successful backup to', target
    print 'Backup FAILED'


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